It’s Thursday afternoon and after a quick lunch Helena and friend Leona will be spending the next few hours at Showtime. This is Vienna’s English Theatre’s ‘Youth Performing Arts School’ and another example of the two languages world in which we live here in the city. The schools bilingual teachers work with young people up to the age of 18 years teaching drama, dance and song. Helena enjoys the drama and dancing but claims not to be so keen on the singing. I suspect from the odd comment made that the singing issue has more to do with the ‘children’s’ music played in her class as she is never shy to sing the whole of the Mama Mia album and anything else deemed ‘cool’.

I asked the two girls what they like about Showtime and through big grins the responses were:

‘The acting and its fun to learn and play’ says Helena.

‘The dancing and its fun to learn and play’ says Leona.

So we have some clear consensus here and two future stars of theatre and dance – if they’re not do busy having fun.


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2 responses to “Showtime

  1. chicohoward

    Hey Graham,

    Nice Blog. Seems that we are very similar. My children also go to a VBS in the 10th. Funny thing is that one of the founders of the Neos used to send his daughter to the same school, he has since moved to Zurich.

    F goes to Showtime and also feels that the singing part is weak and like your H she also belts out the Mamma Mia songs.

    Like your other blog re English Vienna my German is very bad as well. I would however put another very after the two other very’s. I like your observation which I have pasted below.

    “”In part, of course, my experience of life here is skewed by my lack of German. I’m simply more likely to find myself channelled towards those who can and want to speak English.””

    I see that that you are a Foxes fan. Nigel Pearson is doing very well.

    If you are at a loose end on a Thursday when you drop H off for her Showtime session we could meet at the Cafe Auesperg which is around the corner as we live around the other corner.


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