Don’t let the tea fool you

I vaguely noticed the interesting interior of the shop which seemed to be selling tea as we walked down one of the main shopping thoroughfares’ in the centre of Vienna. More importantly, what R had noticed was the sign offering a Glühwien made with a wine from a vineyard we had visited a few years back in the Steiermark region. After a very short debate, we had been Christmas shopping all day and it was now mid afternoon, we turned around and entered Heissenberger. To my surprise and pleasure at the back of the shop was a rather nice coffee bar.

Heissenberger – “Hot Berger” as Google translates their website – it turned out is a tea and coffee shop with additional establishments in Graz and Salzburg. As we walked through to the back we discovered a very pleasant coffee bar with around half a dozen tables. The coffee was as good as promised but the Glühwien I’m afraid wasn’t really to our taste. However, the bar provided a relaxing interlude from the noise and bustle of the Christmas shopping throng. So maybe not a candidate for my ‘perfect coffee house’ but a nice escape for a good coffee next time R decides we should go on an eleven hour shopping expedition.


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