An own goal before the season even starts again

I’m really not sure how it happened. Next weekend I will be away enjoying a family trip to a Spa and in so doing miss the opening game of the spring football season here in Austria. I’m a follower of Austria Wien of the premiership (season ticket holder this year) and also shout for First Vienna (currently bottom of the 1st Liga – Austrian 2nd division) when I can get along to their games.

Not only am I missing the opening match of the second half of the season but Austria Wien (currently third in the table, 32 points) are playing Ried (first with 37 points). An opening day win could signal a charge for the title, anything is possible through the tinted glasses of the football supporter.

With the season starting up again, I will also be watching to see if First Vienna (the oldest club in Austria) will be able to find the winning formula to allow the team to pull away from the relegation spot. I fear it could be a long and nerve racking few months for those in Yellow and Blue.

 If all this is not enough excitement for you dear reader, then you can also join me in following the progress of Leicester City as they pursue a play-off place in the English Championship and the hope of glory that will lead to that Promised Land known as the Premiership.

Whilst I sit around the pool at the spa my iPhone will be an ever present companion beeping away with match updates.


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