Coffee with a view

The coffeehouse at Cobenzl provides superb views across Vienna with the river Danube cutting through the city. With vineyards directly in front and Vienna Woods behind, you just need to block out the car park to your left.

Our waitress this morning was very friendly and helpful. She quickly adjusted to talking to H in German and switching to English to deal with yours truly. With the sun shining in on our quiet and comfortable setting H and I agreed that driving up into the woods for a late breakfast was an excellent choice.

This is a popular location. There is a very small zoo, restaurant, playgrounds and paths for walking in the woods. With tourist coaches and city dwellers alike filling the car park at weekends this is not usually top of my list for a quiet coffee. However, with many people away skiing during the school break and by arriving mid morning we seem to have found the right moment.

Our location is round the corner from the church where the King of Poland, leading the Christian army, prayed before leading his forces down the hill to relieve Vienna from the besieging Turks. The site is also the location of Modul University.

Return to the coffeehouse, H highly recommends the boiled egg which she says was fresh and nice – a high complement from my eight year old. However, she would liked to have had Nuttela served with the fresh rolls rather than the raspberry and apricot jams.

Coffee was enjoyable and to confirm this I of course had to order a second just to double check.

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