Red Wine Surprise

As some readers will know I am a big fan of Austrian red wine. So the opportunity to have a wine tasting session here at the Spa we are staying in could not be ignored.

Now not every Austrian red wine is good and I’ve certainly tried a few that I’ve not enjoyed. However, put five glasses in front of me with offerings from well known vineyards and I generally expect to have my taste buds amused and find at least one to excite.

What I wasn’t expecting was the four glass on our list. Had I ordered a bottle the price tag would have been 50 euros. R made some ‘enlightening’ comments on the aroma of a wine that was for us simply undrinkable. The experience was a small shock to the system but balanced off by the much better samples in the other four glasses, which I am happy to report were considerably better.

The wine bar here at the Spa is excellent, with friendly and helpful staff. Despite the surprise with the fourth glass the wine tasting was a very enjoyable evening. Tonight we will return as the vintner of a local vineyard is providing tonights offerings.


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