Sunday, a glass of Wellanschitz and the promise of Pimpel

Another Sunday afternoon, another group of friends and three more converts to the pleasures of the Wellanschitz vineyard.

As we settled down with coffee and cake, our conversations meandered through the usual mix of news and trivia whilst elsewhere in the apartment the children laughed and played. As the afternoon turned into the early evening we had the fun of trying to get all five adults and four children comfortably around the table for the delicious curry that R had prepared.  There is something oddly enjoyable about the noise and bustle that comes from a group of friends gathering around the table for an informal meal.

Our conversation had eventually turned to the recent trip we took to the Burgenland and the detour through Hungary (for more see previous post ‘Discovering the wines of the Wellanschitz family’). This provided (if one was needed) the perfect excuse to open a bottle of the Burgstall 2009 Zweigelt which received an unanimous vote of approval. With R and I singing the praises of the other offerings from the Wellanschitz family vineyard it was only fitting that we also opened a bottle of the ‘sam 2007’ which was met with equal enthusiasm.

Our discussions turned to other wines and inevitably the conversation lead to the wines of Gerhard Pimpel. As ever with Sunday afternoons, we all agreed that with a working week ahead of us the Pimpel   ‘Optime Merlot’ and ‘Zweigelt Rubin Carnuntum’ would have to wait, alas, for another visit.


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