What does the future hold for Austrian Politics?

Recent opinion polls have suggested that the SPO, OVP and FPO are all polling at similar levels. I keep hearing and reading comments questioning how long the grand coalition between the OVP (Centre Right) and the SPO (Centre Left) will continue. State elections over the past year have been a mixed bag for all the Parties, whilst the strong showing for the (Far Right) FPO in Vienna was depressing for those of us of a liberal left persuasion.

The ongoing struggle to get the damaged nuclear reactors in Japan safely under control clearly had an impact in the recent German state elections, with big gains for the Greens. This has produced some discussion about the current performance and future potential of the Austrian Green party. An example of which is this piece from Tuesday’s Austrian Times:


Another story in today’s AT, as well as featuring in other newspapers and in TV news stories, is the potential for leadership changes in the OVP:


The next twelve months could prove politically very interesting in this corner of Europe.

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