Color (yes I know its spelt wrongly, take it up with the app developer)

So it’s half time at the First Vienna match and we’re all a little down about the performance we’ve just seen. The talk is of needing a miracle if First Vienna is to get the much needed three points. As conversation subsidies I observe that everyone in our group turns to check messages on their iPhones.

To lighten our spirits I point out a new app ‘Color’ that I’ve recently downloaded. Within minutes everyone has the app and H has taken possession of my iPhone. Amusement and much laughter then ensues as the group activate the app and start instantly group sharing the photos they are taking. Thus I finally see the advantage of an app I had been on the point of deleting.

The upbeat mood seems also to be shared by the team. The second half of the game sees First Vienna come out and take control of the match. The final score being 3:0 and with other results going the right way, the crowd leaves the ground in vocal and happy mood.


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