What future for the Conservatives?

The newly elected People’s Party (ÖVP) leader Michael Spindelegger has swiftly reshuffled the ÖVP ministerial team. Some commentators (and the FPO) are describing the changes in the ÖVP leadership as a shift to the left. The new leader and his team will need to make a rapid impact with the Party’s support now hovering just above 20% in the polls leaving them in third place.

Discussions about the ÖVP remained focused upon whether it can reconnect with urban Austrian or will it become a smaller Party representing its rural core areas. Interestingly some papers have been talking recently about the potential for a new Party to enter the Austrian political landscape as opinion polls suggest that up to 20% of voters could be attracted to a more ‘social liberal’ option. However political scientists are also pointing out that, in smaller numbers, other voters would be attracted to a ‘business Party’ and that another section of the electorate to a more distinctively left learning grouping, in short its sound s as though none of the Parties have a strong appeal beyond their current core support which is generally shrinking – leaving a lot of space for potential political change?

New ÖVP ministerial team summarised in the Austrian Times:


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