The Great Easter Robbery!

The thief (or thieves) absconded with about half the valuables and the crime scene showed the destructive nature of the raid. This crime, like so many, left in its wake a victim in distress and an Easter day a little less full.

 Whilst no clear evidence identified the thief, members of the local Fox family were under suspicion though others were pointing fingers in the direction of the Pine Martins. The only thing investigators could be sure of was that the evidence of the tin foil rapping and the overturned nest, that had once been an Easter bundle of chocolate eggs, showed the thief had had time for a midnight feast. Further investigations concluded that approximately half the painted hard boiled eggs had been taken during the night and it was noted that no egg shells could be seen indicating that they had been removed from the scene.

The Easter Rabbit was unavailable for comment but local political opinion was split on the affair. The FPO representative tried to blame foreign Pine Martins, whilst the OVP spokesperson said that Foxes need to be integrated into the community and the new 24 year old Minister would address the matter as soon as he’d finished college. The Green spokesperson called for the Easter Rabbit to be prosecuted for littering the countryside and the SPO representative suggested forming a committee to investigate better planning of future Egg Hunts.

An unnamed source close to the incident suggested that putting eggs out overnight in a garden in the countryside might not have been the best policy of the Easter Rabbit. Rumours suggest that next year the Easter Rabbit may be employing local hunters as bodyguards, as well as deploying minefields and CCTV cameras.

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