Royal head, no weddings – BBC History Mag

BBC balance on front cover of History Magazine? Amused that the cover of the BBC History Mag has a picture of King Charles I who had his head chopped off (something for the Roundhead readership), this goes some way to offset ‘The A to Z of royal weddings’ headline at the bottom of the page (clearly aimed at the Royalist faction and those who haven’t had enough of nuptials)?

The May issue of the magazine has an interesting English Civil War article about Prince Rupert’s dog and its alleged devilish powers. I like the way propaganda at the time seems to have coloured later interpretations of historical facts. Wonder how future historians will interpret some of the political spin of our current era? Oh and Austrians make a brief appearance in the story.

Having managed to avoid sight of recent events in the UK, I think I will skip the five pages devoted to ‘The A to Z of royal weddings’. I wonder if I can get some sort of ‘Roundhead’ money back option or maybe a few more articles on pre-Roman Britain as compensation.

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