A fishy tail

The short version of last night’s excitement (even before the Eurovision semi final).

  1. Returned home to find dead fish with head somehow stuck behind the tropical tank filter.
  2. As filter unit was being lifted out of the tank, shocked to discover dead fish showing considerable signs of life as (suddenly free) it jumps out of the tank.
  3. General shouting and frantic search fails to discover suicidal fish anywhere on the floor.
  4. With time running short things become more desperate and the search area is widened.
  5. During commotion fish remains completely still and observes chaos from safety of one of the selves below fish tank.
  6. Searchers eventually find dead fish on shelf.
  7. As I go to remove dead fish am again shock to discover signs of life, as the wee creature of the deep tries once again to escape.
  8. Finally, sit back in chair with glass of wine and observe, now restored, fish sitting in tank watching the Eurovision Song Contest.

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Filed under The Tropical Fish Tank, Vienna Life

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