End of world cancelled – Police say they couldn’t guarentee safety

Oh so the gods will have their fun. The faithful were in ecstasy as the second goal hit the back of the net, the gods were truly rewarding the prayers of those in violet. After the first goal the unbelievers had started the wailing and gnashing of teeth as their temple shook from the chants of those of the true faith. But with the second goal unleashed the green and white horde (or to give them their scientific designation – a bunch of cretins) entered the hallowed turf of the pitch.

At this juncture someone pointed out to the assembled gods that, whilst their mischief-making may have been fun, they had forgotten to bring the appropriate licenses, certificates and notifications required by the authorities of the Austrian Federal Republic. Now whilst they made be all-powerful gods no deity in their right mind is going to go head to head with the Austrian State bureaucracy and so on mass they buggered off, claiming to be late for a really cool party.

Back in the world of mortals I have to report that, as often with these things, it was a minority of Rapid fans who caused the trouble. We encountered no problems with Rapid fans before or after the match. As for me it was a new experience, attending a match abandoned due to a pitch invasion.

As few images before, during and after the pitch invasion:



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