Splits in the Far Right

More news of divisions within the far right FPO reported in today’s Austrian Times. One of their senior members has questioned the ability of the Party to rule if after the next election it was in a position to form a government in coalition with one of the other parties. Given other recent stories, it would suggest that the FPO is in the middle of internal conflicts that could cause them to split.

The last time the FPO went into government it eventually did lead to the Party splitting and its share of the vote dropping. The ongoing reports of tensions within the Party seem, in part, to be a divide between those who want to moderate their programme and those who wish to maintain a hard-line.

Today’s story focuses upon the questions of:

  • Do they have answers to the major challenges facing the government in Austria?
  • Are they willing to take responsibility
  • Do they have individuals competent enough to take on roles in government?

Interestingly on this last question the article quotes the leader of the FPO as saying he would nominate ‘independent, non member experts’ for cabinet roles. So he seems to have answered the question regarding his colleagues competence.



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