Vienna Derby – Football, Politics, Greeks and Germans

The government parties had already reacted to the pitch invasion by Rapid Wien fans at last weekend’s Vienna derby. It’s now being reported that the Greens have called for clubs to lose points if their fans become violent, whilst the far right FPO have caused an outcry by saying that current laws don’t need reforming.

Oddly one of the things that has always put me off Rapid is the alleged support some of their hard core fans are said to give to a certain political party.

Returning to the events on Sunday, today’s Austrian Time says ‘Greek and German hooligans are suspected of being the ringleaders of the incidents, according to Austrian newspapers’ (I think they mean amongst the ringleaders) and it also reports
that ‘at least 40 people are facing legal action’ so far.

Hopefully the police investigation and wider political action can help to kill off this sought of bollocks from people who often seem to have little interest in what is actually happening on the football pitch.

In the meantime, I’m off to watch Austria Wien play their final game of the season, hopefully
winning the league. Forza Viola!


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