A thought – Community Economics, isn’t it time to revisit?

I’ve just finished re-reading the ‘The Theory and Practice of Community Economics’ by Bernard Greaves and David Boyle. With the Lib Dem’s in government and Party President Tim Farron recently writing about the way
forward for the Party being through ‘ …. competence, credibility and community politics…’ (http://www.libdemvoice.org/tim-farron-writes-enough-doom-and-gloom-we-have-the-greatest-opportunity-in-the-history-of-our-party-24229.html),
wouldn’t this be a good moment for the Party to look again at Greaves and Boyle’s arguments and construct a more detailed ‘theory and practice’ on which to go forward for the next four years? Or has this already been done?

Published by ALDC¹ in 2008 and sub-titled ‘Building on the ideology of community politics and extending its application into the field of economics’, it’s still available from http://www.aldc.org/shop/


ALDC¹ – Association of Liberal Democrat Councillors

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