The Canal, the bar and the beach

I recently took at stroll through part of Vienna’s 3rd District and along the canal to the city centre. Here are a few images I took along the way:

The area  I walked through was a mix of homes, shops, offices and factories. Some of the social housing in the area dates back to the First Republic, with many others dating from post war reconstruction. I understand the former properties are extremely popular. As in most parts of the city its worth looking up, when out walking, to see the range of building designs and to catch a glimpse of the roof gardens that can be found on many of the properties. The journey started outside the local theatre.

As in most parts of the city, when the weather is reasonable, public spaces were busily being used and enjoyed by people of all ages.

At this point the banks of the Danube canal are green and pleasant spaces with paths for walkers and cyclists with both groups sharing the facilities with joggers, dog walkers and fishermen. With major roads either side the area is not the quietest but is certainly a pleasant place for a stroll and again the experience is enhanced by taking the opportunity to look at the local building designs.

As you enter the central area of the canal you are confronted with a world of concrete, graffiti, buildings of various styles…..

…….and a car park….(no, it really is)….

……and space for deckchairs…..

….and boats with restaurants and bars…….

… accompany the food and drink you can also rest or swim……

……oh yes….and not forgetting the chance to spend some time at one of the canals ‘beaches’…..

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