Royal waving – an Olympic sport or more like Eurovision?

A Social Democrat MP has caused a bit of a stir in the Austrian parliament by suggesting that members of the Habsburg family (whose predecessors ruled the Austro-Hungarian Empire for centuries) could ‘do a bit of waving’ from the balcony of the Schönbrunn Palace, to help boost tourism:

Maybe the idea will catch on elsewhere? The British, for instance, spend a fortune each year on this idea. If it becomes popular enough then you could see a potential Olympic sport emerging. Now I know that not all countries have access to a bunch of current or former royals/robber barons/______ (delete or insert to suit personal preference) lying around. But we could adopt the Champions League approach (not all clubs in the completion are Champions of their respective league) and countries could adopt a particular ‘family’ for the role.

Actually, picking a ‘royal family’ would be a little more logical than the basis on which your average ‘royal’ currently qualifies for the job. In the traditions of ‘royals’ in many parts of the world you don’teven need to choose a family from your own country to represent you.

So you pick your ‘royal family’ and enter them for the Olympics. A bit like ice skating, a panel then awards points for balcony waving, carriage waving, waving whilst sitting on a throne – all marked on style and technique. Then the finale of the performance the freestyle in which the royals wave to the tune first of their national anthem and then to a current pop song.

Alternatively, if the Olympic committee fails to see the attraction of this new sport, then maybe it could be picked up by the TV
companies along the lines of Eurovision?

Thinking more deeply about this, maybe there really is something in all this ‘royal’ business. Your modern democracy elects a parliament and prime Minister to run the country, a President to hold the reigns and represent the country etc, and then an elected ‘royal’ family to do the waving and compete in ‘RoyalVision’. Maybe the USA would go for the Osborne’s,
whilst the Obama’s would I suspect be spoilt for choice of country to settle in. The British, in the meantime, would probably be split between choosing the Windsor’s or the Beckham’s.

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