Spicy surprise

A visit of friends on Saturday night was all the excuse needed to open a couple of bottles of wine, after dashing to the local shop for a selection of cheeses, and then settling in for the evening. After enjoying a glass or two of the Blauer Zweigelt Maletschenberg 2007 from the Germuth winery, it was time to try something new from the wine rack.

The bottle of St Laurent 2007 from the Paul Lehrner vineyards had been sitting amongst the other red wines since our Burgenland
wine tour back at the beginning of the year. One of our guests immediately recognised the label and began to sing the praises of the wine we were about to sample. The praise was in no way over stated and after the first glass I was immediately interrogating my poor guest for every drop of information they had about the winery. I had bought the bottle on the simple basis that I like the
grape and wanted to try a bottle from a region from which I had not previously had the chance to sample the St Laurent wines.

Paul Lehrner’s St Laurent 2007 was a wonderful surprise. As I say, I rather like the grape and the various wines I regular drink can be summarised as reds with an enjoyable light fruity taste. But this wine was a richer red and had a more assertively spicy flavour, which added rather than distracted from the grapes natural taste. I was immediately regretting the fact that this was the only bottle in my limited stock and so the discussion began regarding a trip back to the Horitschon/Neckenmarkt area in which there are so
many good vineyards.


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