Stars of the future – First Vienna Girls Football

Making the team is today’s big issue for H and her friend. Will they get selected at next September’s trials for the First Vienna Girls Football squad? When will they train and who will they play against?

Yesterday First Vienna held a football taster session and trials for their new Girls Football teams at the clubs stadium. With the training taking place on the pitch, the event being filmed by ORF (Austrian TV), and some of the kids being interviewed by the TV journalist, the girls really got the chance to take centre stage.

First Vienna is one of a group of Bundesliga clubs developing girls’ football in their areas. The kids at yesterday’s trials showed at lot of enthusiasm, skill and potential. After the September trials and final selections the club could well be producing playing stars of the future. In the meantime, there will be a fair few parents being continually harangued over the summer by their daughters about all aspects of the game and the club until they’re selected for the squad and attend their first training session. Alas, I suspect that at this point matters of transportation, training and matches will then become the main focus of family conversation 🙂

I understand that the TV report should be broadcast sometime this weekend.

First Vienna Football Club was the first team to be established in Austria and their senior team play in the Erste Liga.


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2 responses to “Stars of the future – First Vienna Girls Football

  1. Good technique from the photos. Playing in the wrong colours though. 🙂

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