These foolish men in the ‘home of great daughters’

Links to a ‘childish’ behaviour from male MP’s and Christina Stürmer singing ‘Heimat bist du grosser Söhne und Töchter’.

So the attempts by the OVP to modernise and ‘liberalise’ their party image have not exactly been enhanced by the antics of some of their male MP’s who seem to have scored an own goal against their own women MP’s:

There are always arguments about language and gender (and yes the way we use language is important) but in this case the addition of ‘Home of great daughters, sons’ to the national anthem would certainly do no harm in helping to promote gender equality – at minimum the ‘political correctness gone made’ argument would help keep the debate to the fore in a country where ‘traditional’ gender attitudes are still strongly reflected in many areas despite large parts of society having largely moved on.

Below is a link to Christina Stürmer’s ‘Heimat bist du grosser Söhne und Töchter’, do have a listen:

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