Ten random facts – Vienna

  1. 1,698,822 was the total population of Vienna in 2010.
  2. 41.1 years was the average age of Vienna’s inhabitants in 2010.
  3. 35.4 per cent is the share of Vienna’s total surface area made up by protected zones (national park, nature conservation areas) in 2009.
  4.  6,126,916 square metres of vineyards were cultivated in Vienna in 2010.
  5.  1,159,030 metres was the total length of Vienna’s cycle path and cycle lane system in 2009.
  6.  3,684,665 square metres was the total surface of Vienna’s 1,322 sports grounds and sports facilities in 2009.
  7.  225,749 pupils and students attended one of the 691 schools in Vienna in the 2008/09 school year.
  8.  171 cinema screens were available in Vienna in 2008.
  9.  17,154 children were born in Vienna in 2010.
  10.  150 metres is the height of Vienna’s highest residential building (Neue Donau tower).

Source: City of Vienna Statistical Yearbook 2010

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