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Wine and hailstones

A friend of mine recently returned from a week’s hiking in the Steiermark. They brought back the news that this year’s grape crop is particularly good and that the wine it will provide next year will be of exceptionally high quality and quality (as good as 2003).

So this is all good news for the local wine producers?

Well for most a very definite yes.  But alas for a few an event in recent weeks has deprived them of the chance to benefit from this bounty. It seems that there was a long narrow weather corridor across Steiermark which produced an
intensive hail storm and the hailstones destroyed most of the grapes in their path. This would be a sad story in any year for those affected but when it occurs in an exceptional growing year I think this would drive me crazy.

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Desperate politician?….quote the Bible

Near my local tram stop is one of the current series of posters by the BZO, the more ‘moderate’ of Austria’s two far right parties. The question for the the marketing people and party strategists was probably – ‘what do you do when everything else fails?’. The party regularly polls only 4% or 5%.

The answer they came up with was a series of posters in which they feature quotes from the bible. The added twist to the poster near me is that it features the Party leader sitting reading the FT. So I guess the message is trust in god and if that doesn’t work follow the advice of the FT editorial. Well I suppose it’s better than the usual far right rubbish.

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Vienna Thriller Night

Thanks to a bout of flu it looks like I’ll miss tomorrows (20th Sept 2011) 7th Krimi Nacht (Crime Night) begin staged at Cafes across the city. Personally I would have been heading for one of my favourite venues Cafe Schopenhauser in the 18th district.

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First Vienna girls start training

H joined other girls at the Hohe Warte stadium, last Monday, for the second taster session and trial for First Vienna FC’s new girl’s football teams. With parents sitting in the stands watching on the club coaches took the girls through an hour long training session. The quality of footballing skill shown by many of the girls was highly impressive.

Now the serious effort will begin on the 26th September with the girls having twice weekly training sessions and playing friendly matches over the course of the season (and then entering league competition next year). For the parents watching on its going to be an entertaining but rather cold winter 🙂

Some images from Monday night:

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September sees centre-left building lead

After a summer of scandals, rows, and court cases involving the various far-right and centre-right parties in Austria, the latest polls suggest a strengthening of the vote for the centre-left.

Compared with the General Election result in 2011 the SPÖ/Green combined vote is up around 43-44% (+4). The combined far-right vote of the FPÖ/ BZÖ remains at about 29% (-/+0), whilst the centre-right ÖVP have seen their share of the vote drop by approximately -3%.

National opinion polls:

SPÖ 29, ÖVP 23, FPÖ 25, GRÜNE 13, BZÖ 5 (Gallup/ÖSTERREICH, 18.09.2011)

SPÖ 30%, 24% FPÖ, ÖVP 22%, Greens 15%, 4% BZÖ (profil)

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Some walk, some hike, some climb, whilst others fly

With the sun shining and the temperature only having dropped down to the mid 20’s we made the short, hours or so, journey yesterday from Vienna to the Hohe Wand Nature Park for an afternoon of hiking.

The Hohe Wand forms a high plateau to the south-west of Vienna not far from the Wiener Neustadt. It’s an area that provides pleasant forest walks and children’s activities for the family or those wishing for a leisurely stroll in the countryside. However, for those who prefer some more vigorous hiking, there are longer more demanding forest trails and the opportunity to scramble up and down gorges around the edge of the plateau. In addition the area attracts those who like to launch themselves into the sky or cling onto a rock face.

Originally, R and I had planned a leisure walk for a few hours through the forest combined with sometime for H and her friend to enjoy the children’s attractions. However, a wrong turn saw us undertake a longer and more enjoyable afternoon navigating our way down one side of a gorge and up the other. After this we made our way back through the woods and fields to the skywalk (not itself terribly impressive) and the cliffs on the far side of the plateau with their scenic view and aerial entertainment.

Here are a few images from our walk:

Fly and the south cliff view

North cliffs

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Leicester and Thailand’s big ambitions

For those who haven’t already seen it, an interesting report from BBC Sport  about the development of football in Thailand and of course Leicester City FC.


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