September sees centre-left building lead

After a summer of scandals, rows, and court cases involving the various far-right and centre-right parties in Austria, the latest polls suggest a strengthening of the vote for the centre-left.

Compared with the General Election result in 2011 the SPÖ/Green combined vote is up around 43-44% (+4). The combined far-right vote of the FPÖ/ BZÖ remains at about 29% (-/+0), whilst the centre-right ÖVP have seen their share of the vote drop by approximately -3%.

National opinion polls:

SPÖ 29, ÖVP 23, FPÖ 25, GRÜNE 13, BZÖ 5 (Gallup/ÖSTERREICH, 18.09.2011)

SPÖ 30%, 24% FPÖ, ÖVP 22%, Greens 15%, 4% BZÖ (profil)


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