Liberals and the free market…..and saving local pubs

I’ve just read this piece about saving the local pub. A good article in its own right and I hope that the Lib Dem Ministers are able to deliver.

However, I particularly liked this summary of the Liberal attitude to the market:

‘Liberals believe that the market should be allowed to function without government intervention when it is succeeding and delivering including in a way that does not lead to socially unfair outcomes or exploitation; but when a market is not operating in either a fair or an open manner, liberals firmly believe that this is when Governments should intervene, to right the wrongs of market failure which there so clearly is in this case.’

Nicely put 🙂

PS: My late father, with whom I would rarely agree, would often say about politics ‘I don’t care what politicians do as long as they leave the working man (person) their pub and a pint we can afford’ or more accurately would say this or similar in somewhat stronger language. On this one I’ve always thought he had a point.

Saving the local is something that’s important to the life of many communities in the UK and potentially a real vote winner for Lib Dems.

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