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Have you seen ‘Video on Klimt 2012’

Nice video ‘Klimt 2012. A kiss changes the world’ highlighting Klimt and Austrian Modernism:

The architecture and images of Austrian Modernism can be seen by just taking the train (have a look at the S Bahn stations) or walking through many of Vienna’s districts. There are also excellent exhibitions at museums in the city, particularly as it would have been Klimt’s 150 birthday this year. Yet more reasons to spend time in Vienna 🙂

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First Vienna Girls, First Tournament, First Trophy

Today, in their first competitive U12’s tournament the girls of First Vienna Football Club walked away with the winners’ trophy.

The squad for the tournament played in a round robin competition and took on girls teams from Altenmarkt, Ortmann, Felixdorf, and Teesdorf. The event took place in the Lower Austria town of Pottenstein, a little under an hours’ drive from Vienna.

H came on as substitute in two of the four matches and although having only limited game time declared herself happy to have been part of the winning squad.

First Vienna results were 5:0, 6:0, 3:2 & 5:0

Oh yes and they had an unusual approach to collecting their trophy.

And the parents all seemed to enjoy the day as well.

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SPÖ, FPÖ neck and neck once again

The latest national poll from OGM, here in the Kurier newspaper, has both the SPÖ (Social Democrats) and FPÖ (far-Right) on 28%, with the ÖVP slipping to 23%. Of the other parties represented in the Austrian Federal parliament the Greens polled 14% and BZÖ (‘moderate’ far-right or right wing conservatives – a matter of opinion) 5%.

The percentage change since the last OGM Kurier in November are SPÖ -1%, FPÖ +1%, ÖVP -2%, Greens +/-0%,  BZÖ +1%.

Below is my updated average of the five most recent polls I’ve come across:


GE   2008


























Sources: OMG, 26-01-2012
Karmasin/Profil 14-01-12
Gallup, 01-01-2012
IMAS, 28-12-2011
Gallup, 25-12-2011

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How do football clubs choose a captain?

In English football, as a general rule, the club manager usually picks the player they feel is most suitable for the role of club captain. The approach at Austria Wien has been a little different with the players holding a vote today on who should lead the team and the result being that Manuel Ortlechner has replaced Roland Linz.

There has been much discussion amongst my Austria Wien circle of friends (and fellow supporters on twitter) over the last month about the captaincy. Whilst there have been different views about who should become the new captain, the general consensus was that a change would be good for the team. It’s not therefore surprising that amongst my circle of Viola fans the news has been greeted with smiles.

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Latest poll has more bad news for far-Right

The latest poll in the Profil magazine has some good news for the conservative ÖVP. They score highest of all the Parties (23%) on the question of who do you trust to deal with the current economic crisis, with their governing coalition Social Democrat partners (SPÖ) scoring 19%.

Profil’s poll also shows the far-Right FPÖ only scoring 11% on the economic trust question, whilst their leader  Heinz-Christian Strache fall by two percentage points to 13% on the question of who would be the best Chancellor (equivelant to British Prime Minister). Both figures add further weight to my thought, expressed in previous posts, that the FPÖ vote is soft despite the Party continuing to hold second place in the polls for the last six months or more.

Below is my updated average of the five most recent polls I’ve come across:

Polls GE 2008 Change
SPO 29.00% 29.3% -0.30%
OVP 24.20% 26% -1.80%
FPO 25.80% 17.5% 8.30%
Greens 13.80% 10.4% 3.40%
BZO 4.60% 10.7% -6.10%
Others 2.80% 6.1% -3.30%
Sources: Karmasin/Profil 14-01-12
Gallup, 01-01-2012
IMAS, 28-12-2011
Gallup, 25-12-2011
ATV, 15-12-2011

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Ice World

Back in February 2011 I spent a few enjoyable days sitting around the City Hall square, here in Vienna, whilst H had fun on the giant ice rink that had been placed in front of the Rathaus. This year’s ‘Vienna Ice World’ kicks off tomorrow (20th Jan ’12) and lasts until the 4th March 2012. Here’s the link for more details.

I expect H will be dragging me down to the 7,000 m2 of ice on a regular basis. Here are a few pictures from one of last year’s trips to the City Hall rink:

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The far-Right’s ‘House of Cards’?

Austria’s far-right FPO has in the last year become well established in second place in Austrian national opinion polls. They have even, on occasion, topped some polls and journalists often talk of the possibility of them being the largest Party after the next general election.

That they have currently pushed the OVP into third place and are pressing the SPO for top spot in the polls is the story recent months. But if you were a strategist for the FPO you might be having some sleepless nights and wondering which of the other Parties will finally muster the clarity of ideas and message to bring down your House of Cards.

Why do I say this when an average of polls (see below) clear show the FPO ‘doing well’?

Average from five recent polls

Polls GE 2008 Change
SPO 29.00% 29.3% -0.30%
OVP 23.80% 26% -2.20%
FPO 26.00% 17.5% 8.50%
Greens 13.60% 10.4% 3.20%
BZO 4.60% 10.7% -6.10%
Others 3.20% 6.1% -2.90%
Sources: Gallup, 01-01-2012
IMAS, 28-12-2011
Gallup, 25-12-2011
ATV, 15-12-2011
Gallup, 11-12-2011


Well, underneath these headline numbers there have been a few interesting polling figures about the public view of the FPO party leader, an individual who is always of more significance in such a ‘popularist’ party. Firstly, Gallup for Austria’s current political barometer results put Heinz-Christian Strache in last place in a list of senior political figures. His overall rating is now -44% (down 17%), with 63% giving him a negative rating and only 19% recording a positive view. In this second poll (ATV Austria Trends – December 2011) Strache comes last out of the five Party leaders on the question of trust in decision making. Even Bucher the leader of the BZO (more ‘moderate’ far-right), whose Party’s support has collapsed and transferred to the FPO, scores a percentage point higher than Strache.

To me polling evidence has long suggested that it’s the weaknesses of the two governing Coalition Parties (SPO – left of centre Social Democrats- & OVP – right of centre conservatives) that has allowed the FPO a relatively free ride up to second place. The questions remain which of the Parties – Coalition, Greens or a new Party – are going to be able to blow down this House of Cards or will one or both of the governing Parties help deliver the next election to the FPO by default. Equally, that FPO strategist might be starting to think new leader or even let’s split the Party – they’ve done it before.

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