Will there be one less Party in Parliament next time round?

Two new polls, last weekend, both show support for the BZÖ continuing to decline. On current figures the more ‘moderate’ of Austria’s two far-Right parties will fail to make the 4% threshold needed to secure seats in the national parliament.

Here’s my updated state of the Parties table based upon an average of the last five polls I’ve seen:

Polls GE 2008 Change
SPO 29.00% 29.3% -0.30%
OVP 24.60% 26% -1.40%
FPO 26.00% 17.5% 8.50%
Greens 13.60% 10.4% 3.20%
BZO 3.40% 10.7% -7.30%
Others 3.40% 6.1% -2.70%
Sources: Gallup,10-03-12
Gallup, 25-02-12
market/Der Standard 21-02-12


Last weekend’s polls: Profil & Gallup



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