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That scoring feeling with First Vienna

Last Friday night the U11 Girls ran out with the First Vienna senior team…

It was a good night for First Vienna FC with a win over second placed Lustenau….

I got lucky and snapped the ball hitting the back of the net for the first goal in the teams’ 3:1 win…

The following morning the First Vienna U11 Girls were back on the pitch in their own game which ended in a 5:2 defeat….

But again I happen to get a picture of Vienna’s first goal….. 🙂

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So is the Far-Right 1st or 3rd? You decide…

Over on the neuwal  website there is a useful comparison of the two opinion polls this week that have presented very different views on the strength of the Far-Right FPÖ. In the Gallup survey (sample of 400) the FPÖ have moved into first place (28%), a one point ahead of the SPÖ (Social Democrats). But in the IMAS poll published two days earlier (sample of 1100) the FPÖ have fallen back into third place (21%) behind the conservative ÖVP (24%) and the SPÖ (28%).

The two polls also differ on the fortunes of Austria’s other right wing party the BZÖ (the more ‘moderate’ Far-Right or Right Wing Conservative party – take your pick). Gallup show them below the 4% threshold required to secure seats in parliament on 3%, while IMAS gives the Party one of their best ratings in recent months at 7%.

Both polls agree that the Greens are currently on 14%.

Below is my updated sate of the Parties table based upon an average of the last five polls I’ve seen:

Polls GE 2008 Change
SPO 28.00% 29.3% -1.30%
OVP 22.80% 26% -3.20%
FPO 26.40% 17.5% 8.90%
Greens 13.80% 10.4% 3.40%
BZO 3.80% 10.7% -6.90%
Others 5.20% 6.1% -0.90%
Sources: Gallup 22-04-12
IMAS 20-04-12
Gallup 07-04-12
Gallup 24-03-12



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Is a political earthquake imminent?

A new poll suggests that the existing make-up of Austrian politics may not last beyond the next General Election in 2013.

I’ve written before about the 15% -20% of voters in Austria who continually indicate their interest in supporting a new Party. Translating the theoretical willingness of these voters to back one or more new Parties will ultimately depend upon:

  1.  The reality of manifesto details,
  2.  Positioning –political spectrum and likely alliances
  3.  Ability to mount a credible challenge
  4. The state of the existing Parties given ongoing corruption scandals and the degree of continued negative voter attitudes to existing political structures

Currently there are between four and six potential/actual Parties or movements that might be able to mount a serious challenge to the five Parties presently occupying seats in the national parliament. The latest opinion poll by Gallup Austria included the names of two potential Parties (neither has yet structure) and the results suggests a political earthquake is imminent unless the existing Parties can overcome their various difficulties and reinvigorate support:

Gallup poll:

(Existing Parties)

SPÖ 25%, ÖVP 22%, FPÖ 25%, BZÖ 3%, GREEN 10%, Others 2%

(new ’Parties‘)

PIRATES 7%, “Stronach Party” 6%

If this was a general election result then the existing Grand Coalition of SPÖ (Social Democrats) and ÖVP (conservatives) would need the Greens or possibly the ‘Stronach Party‘ to form a majority government. The far-Right FPÖ would not be able to do a deal with the ÖVP without a third partner, but who? The more ‘moderate‘ far-Right (or Conservative Right-Wing)  BZÖ would have failed to achieve the required 4% threshold to enter parliament.

These figures I would suggest, based upon the level of voter dissatifacton in current polling, indicate a major tremor. The poll shows the two potential new challengers taking votes from across the political Parties. If these and/or one or two other groups do emerge with sufficient resources then I could see the ÖVP (currently most damnaged in the polls by corruption scandals) and the FPÖ (give its appeal as the currrent anti-establishment Party) suffering most. The SPÖ probably still the largest party but with a their share of the vote reduced and the Greens possibly in power but also with their vote in decline.

Poll summary on

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And it’s goodbye to one far-Right Party

The latest Karmasin poll in the Profil magazine has the BZÖ well below the 4% threshhold needed to retain its place in the Austrian national parliament after the next election, which is due to take place in 2013.

Karmasin poll: SPÖ 29%, FPÖ 27%, ÖVP 23%, Grüne 13%, BZÖ 2%

The BZÖ, a party that can be best described as Austria’s more ‘moderate far-Right Party‘ (though some would argue ‘Conservative Right-Wing‘), has only once scored above 4% in the latest five national opinion polls. In my running average (below) they are now below ‘Others‘ for the first time:


Polls GE 2008 Change
SPO 28.80% 29.3% -0.50%
OVP 23.60% 26% -2.40%
FPO 27.00% 17.5% 9.50%
Greens 13.20% 10.4% 2.80%
BZO 3.40% 10.7% -7.30%
Others 4.00% 6.1% -2.10%
Sources: Karmasin/Profil05-04-12
Gallup 24-03-12
Hejek/ATV 24-03-12

The conservative ÖVP (which appearings to be suffering more than the other Parties on the Right from the on going corruption scandals) is firmly back in third place, behind the far-Right FPÖ which has recovered its position now that attention has moved on from the ‘ we are the new Jews outrage ‘.

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A major wetland on our doorstep

Earlier in the week I had the chance to go walking in a small part of the Marchauen Donau National Park. I say part, for as you can see from the website it starts inside the boundaries of Vienna and follows the Danube River for the 36km through Lower Austria to the Slovakia border.

This major central European wetland provides a valuable range of habitats as well as offering those living in or visiting our corner of Europe the chance get close to nature. On this short excursion I had the opportunity to observe a colony of Storks, nesting, engaging in mating displays and hunting in the watery meadows:

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For First Vienna U11 Girls Football Team the plan is to keep going and win through.

I knew the answer but felt obliged to ask the question.

After the U11 girls’ third match and third heavy defeat I turned to H and asked her ‘Do you want to keep playing?’ With a look that said ‘unnecessary, stupid question’ she instantly replied ‘Of course!’ Then after a few moments reflection, a smile growing across her face, she added ‘Soon we’re going to win.’

The girls have a lot of technical ability already and a great team spirit, though they’ve only been together since last September. Since entering league completion in March, they have come up against boys’ teams that have been a little physically stronger and who have played together for a while. But this hasn’t stopped the team from playing some good football and enjoying themselves. The emphasis from the coach is on developing their skills and learning to play effective passing football, an approach which is fully supported by the parents.

Next season the girls will be playing against teams of a similar size and will have further developed as a team. However, whilst we may all be expecting to wait until then for the first win the girls’ determination, commitment and skill may yet surprise us all.

A few pictures from First Vienna U11Girls third match:


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The Planets and the Cockerel

Whilst visiting part of the Marchauen Donau National Park I came across this rather interesting weather vane:

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