For First Vienna U11 Girls Football Team the plan is to keep going and win through.

I knew the answer but felt obliged to ask the question.

After the U11 girls’ third match and third heavy defeat I turned to H and asked her ‘Do you want to keep playing?’ With a look that said ‘unnecessary, stupid question’ she instantly replied ‘Of course!’ Then after a few moments reflection, a smile growing across her face, she added ‘Soon we’re going to win.’

The girls have a lot of technical ability already and a great team spirit, though they’ve only been together since last September. Since entering league completion in March, they have come up against boys’ teams that have been a little physically stronger and who have played together for a while. But this hasn’t stopped the team from playing some good football and enjoying themselves. The emphasis from the coach is on developing their skills and learning to play effective passing football, an approach which is fully supported by the parents.

Next season the girls will be playing against teams of a similar size and will have further developed as a team. However, whilst we may all be expecting to wait until then for the first win the girls’ determination, commitment and skill may yet surprise us all.

A few pictures from First Vienna U11Girls third match:


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