So is the Far-Right 1st or 3rd? You decide…

Over on the neuwal  website there is a useful comparison of the two opinion polls this week that have presented very different views on the strength of the Far-Right FPÖ. In the Gallup survey (sample of 400) the FPÖ have moved into first place (28%), a one point ahead of the SPÖ (Social Democrats). But in the IMAS poll published two days earlier (sample of 1100) the FPÖ have fallen back into third place (21%) behind the conservative ÖVP (24%) and the SPÖ (28%).

The two polls also differ on the fortunes of Austria’s other right wing party the BZÖ (the more ‘moderate’ Far-Right or Right Wing Conservative party – take your pick). Gallup show them below the 4% threshold required to secure seats in parliament on 3%, while IMAS gives the Party one of their best ratings in recent months at 7%.

Both polls agree that the Greens are currently on 14%.

Below is my updated sate of the Parties table based upon an average of the last five polls I’ve seen:

Polls GE 2008 Change
SPO 28.00% 29.3% -1.30%
OVP 22.80% 26% -3.20%
FPO 26.40% 17.5% 8.90%
Greens 13.80% 10.4% 3.40%
BZO 3.80% 10.7% -6.90%
Others 5.20% 6.1% -0.90%
Sources: Gallup 22-04-12
IMAS 20-04-12
Gallup 07-04-12
Gallup 24-03-12



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2 responses to “So is the Far-Right 1st or 3rd? You decide…

  1. thomas S.

    Beside dthe numer of respondents asked – what can be the reason for such big differences?

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