It’s the season to be jolly – unless you’re a strategist for one of the main political parties

Well there are some presents in the polls for all the Parties as we start December. However, the New Year, with a referendum and local polls to navigate before Septembers General Election, remains worrying for all the Parties in the current Austrian Parliament – and challenging for the new Parties seeking to provide an alternative.

Average ratings from across five most recent polls compared to January 2012

Polls Av Now Jan-12 Change
SPO 27.00% 28.60% -1.60%
OVP 22.80% 23.80% -1.00%
FPO 20.40% 26.60% -6.20%
Greens 13.40% 13.60% -0.20%
BZO 2.60% 4.80% -2.20%
Team Stronach 10.20% 0.0% 10.20%
Others 3.60% 2.60% 1.00%



Good News: After bouncing in the polls for the last two months between 29% & 25%, the Party is now back where it was pre-scandal on 27%.

Bad News: For much of the year the SPÖ has been polling between 30% & 27%. The latter now begins to look like its new high mark.

Party suffered a significant setback in October coming third behind the Communists in the Graz City election.


Good News: Now restored to second place in the opinion polls.

Bad News: Little change in its support.

Only back in second due to decline in support for FPÖ. Although first in Graz City election lost some support particularly to FPÖ. Lost control of Krems in the autumn as supporters stayed at home or switch to Independent lists.

Continues to look vulnerable to loss of support to Team Stronach on the Right and Neos from the Centre.


Good News: The FPÖ nose dive in support has flattened out. Team Stronach not taking more support from them at the moment.

Small increase in vote in the October Graz City election.

Bad News: Support keeps bouncing between 18% & 22% in polls. Firmly now third party.

Failed to scoop up protest vote again in local elections, this time in Graz and finished fourth.


Good News: Have seen their vote in some polls in last two months reach a high of 15%.

Most popular of parties with other voters when asked who should be in coalition?

Bad News: After climbing to new highs in the polls, they have ended the last two months back where they started. Attempt to shift Party position further to the Left (by some leading members) seems to have damaged modest gains made in the autumn.

Despite being seen as only Party in parliament untouched by corruption scandals, seem unable to turn clear image into significant poll gains.

Party restricted to urban areas, so losing ground in the October Graz City election -where they had been in coalition with the (conservative) ÖVP – another sign of their structural weakness.


Good News: One or two polls have shown them above 3%.

Haven’t had any more MPs defect to Team Stronach.

Bad News: Some polls have the Party polling at 1%. They look extremely unlikely to secure the 4% needed to get back into the next parliament.

Secured only 1.3% in the October Graz City election and finished in seventh place, behind the Austrian Pirate Party.

Team Stronach

Good News: Polling consistently between 8% & 12%.

Have begun to secure political defections from ÖVP & SPÖ politicians in the Austrian states to add to the 5 former BZÖ and 1 SPÖ MP recruited in the national parliament.

Austro-Canadian billionaire Frank Stronach has just added another 1 million Euros to the Party’s funds.

Format Political Barometer survey showed 31% of voters seeing Party as an acceptable alternative to traditional parties.

Bad News: Despite extremely high profile with endless media coverage the Party hasn’t advanced in the polls since its launch in September.

Opponents having some success in trying to linking Stronach’s former business activity in Austria to historical scandal that has already damaged other parties. Dents new broom image.

Frank Stronach’s recent interview on national TV was another PR disaster.

Lot of unanswered questions about policy.

Top down – run the country with a CEO supported by a board of experts implementing policies for the greater good image – likely to be unattractive to significant proportion of population.

Austrian Pirates

Good News: Secured a seat in the Graz City elections with 2.7% of vote & finished above BZÖ.

Seem to have resolved the leadership issues from earlier in the year.

Bad News: Polls in which Party is specifically named indicate an average of 2% support.

Communist Party

Good News: Big winner in the October Graz City election securing second place with 20% of vote.

Increased profile has seen Party registering 4% in the latest Gallup poll – enough to secure seats in the national parliament.

Bad News: Local factors in Graz result were significant and Party probably lacks infrastructure to achieve wider success.

Party history also likely to work against maintaining any longer support.

Result shows potential for other parties/groupings to secure protest vote.


Good News: Format Political Barometer survey showed 13% of voters seeing Party as an acceptable alternative to traditional parties.

Securing reasonable levels of newspaper coverage & generating interest through local meetings and use of internet.

Bad News: Don’t have the resources of the established parties or Team Stronach.

Yet to achieve a media grabbing profile moment beyond initial launch – but early days for the new Party.

Party recognition level still low.


Average ratings from across five most recent polls compared to General Election result 2008

Polls Av Now GE 2008 Change
SPO 27.00% 29.30% -2.30%
OVP 22.80% 26.00% -3.20%
FPO 20.40% 17.50% 2.90%
Greens 13.40% 10.40% 3.00%
BZO 2.60% 10.70% -8.10%
Team Stronach 10.20% 0.00% 10.20%
Others 3.60% 6.10% -2.50%


Change in support across the political spectrum since last election:

Polls GE 2008 Change
Far-Right FPO/BZO 23.00% 28.20% -5.20%
Right FPO/BZO/TS/OVP 56.00% 54.20% 1.80%
Centre-Right TS/OVP 33.00% 26.00% 7.00%
Coalition OVP/SPO 49.80% 55.30% -5.50%
Centre-Left SPO/Green 40.40% 39.70% 0.70%
Note: TS formed 27th Sept 2012






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