December polls confirm coalition parties 1st/2nd and Far-Right in decline

The on-going financial scandal in the State of Salzburg has not damaged the standing of the SPÖ nationally with the Party remaining first in this weekend’s three polls.

My running average of the most recent five polls shows that the Far-Right parties (FPÖ & BZÖ) have lost 9% points since January 2013. The FPÖ now firmly back in third place and the BZÖ continuing to unlikely to secure the 4% needed to secure seats in parliament at the general election next year.

Polls Av Now Jan-12 Change
SPO 27.00% 28.60% -1.60%
OVP 23.00% 23.80% -0.80%
FPO 20.40% 26.60% -6.20%
Greens 13.60% 13.60% 0.00%
BZO 2.00% 4.80% -2.80%
Team Stronach 10.60% 0.0% 10.60%
Others 3.40% 2.60% 0.80%

Despite a high profile adverting campaign and significant press coverage Team Stronach has not improved its poll ratings since its launched on 27th Sept 2012.

Sources: Gallup/oe24 24-11-12
Hajek/ATV 15-12-12
Karmasin/Profil 15-12-12
Gallup/oe24 02-12-12
Market/Standard 30-11-12



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