2012 Austrian Politics – poll winners, losers, and the most read about Party

So which Party made the biggest gains during the year? Which Party was the biggest loser? Which of my political blog posts was most read? ……

Top of the pile?

The senior party in the governing Grand Coalition, the SPÖ with 27% (down from 28.6% at the start of the year).

Biggest losers?

Austria’s Far-Right. The FPÖ dropped 5.8% compared to January 2012, while the BZÖ fell well below the 4% needed to maintain seats in the next parliament scoring only 1.6%.

Great escape artists?

The junior party in the governing Grand Coalition, the ÖVP. Despite talk, at the beginning of the year about the potential/likely collapse of the Party, they finish the year 2nd in the polls on 22.8% (only 1% down since January).

Most improved?

The Greens in terms of support since the General Election of 2008, up 3.6%. Also the only party in parliament (as of January 2012) to have improved its average vote this year – but only by 0.4%.

Most read of my blog posts about a political party?


Number 1 post in this category was – https://viennalife.wordpress.com/2012/10/27/today-a-new-liberal-party-takes-to-the-stage/

Number 2 post was this Green Party/NEOS post – https://viennalife.wordpress.com/2012/11/13/will-the-greens-leave-behind-their-voters-for-neos-to-scoop-up/

Biggest impact?

Team Stronach (the Party of Austro-Canadian billionaire Frank Stronach) launched at the end of September and who finish the year with an average of 10.6% in the polls.

Most expensive lack of progress?

Team Stronach. Despite high profile coverage in the media and an advertising campaign, TS have failed to advance since their launch on the 27th September – then averaging 10.6% and now averaging 10.6%.

Most up and down in the year?

The Austrian Pirates. Currently averaging 1% to 2% in the polls they reached 16% in one poll during the year. They have however secured council seats in Innsbruck & Graz elections – in the latter case out polling the BZÖ.




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