A cool walk in the frozen South (Steiermark)

Tempted as I was by the thought of another coffee sitting by the warm fire, I couldn’t resist the urge to take a walk the other morning in the frozen countryside between Ehrenhausen and Gamlitz in Sudsteiermark. We were staying at a Wine Spa in the town of Ehrenhausen and I knew that my time by the fire would not last and I would be expected to pay a second visit to the gym, so I opted for the more interesting experience of a deep frozen walk.

Naturally I took my camera.

The newly planted vines outside the hotel were the first things to catch my interest….



As we walked towards the town, through the mist, we gained an improved view of the local castle (a closer view was afforded from the hotel itself but was somewhat spoilt by the new apartments being built next door)….


It was only a few minutes walking beyond the town when I encountered this rather lovely creature and its friends grazing in a coppice……


The countryside here is very much a working area filled with orchards, vineyards, fields, woods, homes and farm buildings dotted across roll hillsides…..






Walking along a ridge I was able to take this shot of the church in Gamlitz……



I noticed that new houses were being added along the path of our walk but it was the older buildings that attracted my greatest interest. This one dates back to 1894….


Eventually the sun managed to breakthrough and the world around us began to emerge from its frozen sleep….






















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4 responses to “A cool walk in the frozen South (Steiermark)

  1. erik

    really nice ! happy new year and see you soon … ! Erik, Birgit, Ida

  2. Oh, wow, that was quite frozen! But, hey, stunning pictures! 🙂

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