A joint platform for liberal forces in Salzburg State election….and maybe beyond?

A report here in the Salzburger Fenster (Google translate works ok) suggests that NEOS could make its first foray in the State elections in Salzburg later this year, in alliance with LIF (Liberal Forum).


As the article includes direct statements from both Matthias Strolz (NEOS Party Leader) and Günter Eckerstorfer (LIF State Co-ordinator) it seems that following an Assembly on 7th February the two parties are likely to form a joint platform. I have read a number of statements in the press regarding discussion about an electoral alliance for the General Election (due in September 2013) and this looks to be the forerunner for such an initiative.

For NEOS, which was only formed last October, the State elections to be held on 3rd March in both Kärnten and Lower Austria came too soon. However, Salzburg could provide exactly the profile boost and momentum to launch them (and any potential alliance) into the General Election. The Party is aiming to secure 10% in the General Election, well above the 4% hurdle needed to enter the parliament.

Austrian Pirate Party

The article also highlights that the Austrian Pirate Party (another newcomer formed early last year) will be competing in Salzburg as well as Kärnten State elections. They had success in securing a seat in the city election in Graz last year and will hope to repeat the achievement in both States. The Party is currently averaging 1.4% in national opinion polls but polling evidence suggests that they have a potential to secure up to 6%.

(Note the article talks about Pirate success in Innsbruck but this relates to an expelled group of Pirates: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pirate_Party_of_Austria).


Further information:

It will have to be a big tent…hence NEOS

Today a new liberal party takes to the stage

Will the greens leave behind their voters for Neos to scoop up?






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2 responses to “A joint platform for liberal forces in Salzburg State election….and maybe beyond?

  1. How different do you believe Liberales Forum is from Team Stronach?

    I ask as a Classically Liberal Canadian hoping to see some reforms in Austria.

    I enjoy much of the policies of Stronach, but it seems as if the ideas of free-trade and euroscepticsm are not mainstream here.

    • I would suggest that there are notable differences between on the one side Team Stronach and both LIF & NEOS on the other. TS can be described as moderately Eurosceptic – doesn’t like Euro but talks more favourably of the EU, though we still await firm views on most issues from TS. Fully Eurosceptic stance sits with the far-Right in Austria.

      Both LIF & NEOS are strongly on the pro-EU wing of politics here. The latter ran a ‘Europe we love you’ campaign recently.

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