Kicking extremism out of football – at least at Austria Wien

Well there were lots of positive comments on my timeline from fellow Austria fans about the clubs decision last night to take action against extreme right-wing elements at the stadium. It’s good to see the clubs General Assembly decide to no longer recognise one of the fanclubs because of their failure to abide by the ‘no violence and no politics in the stadium’ rules.

Loss of recognition mean the group can no longer hang any banners in the stadium and will no longer be allowed to participate in official fan club meetings. I note in this report in der Standard that Austria emphasise that the action has been taken after the club had attempted to resolve issues with the group through dialogue.

Austria is a great club to support and the vast majority of fans are truly committed to the club and the game of football. The club has always had a strong tradition of stylish and creative football which it retains today. This commitment makes its teams great to watch but not always predicable when it comes to results. A couple of seasons ago we played the best football in the league but failed to win the title. This year we are again playing the most attractive football but are, I’m happy to say, on course to win the league.

Austria Wien’s history includes a strong connection with Vienna’s pre-WWII Jewish community. A few of the clubs Jewish officials and players were able to flee the country during the Nazis period but many were murdered. The club itself is said, during this period, to have (in a small but significant way) rebelled by resisting the Nazi authorities’ attempts to rename the club and instead retaining its original name of ‘Austria’.

It’s good to see the club sticking with its history on and off the pitch.


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