Austrians have strong opinions on the European Union

This weekend’s Gallup survey published in by is interesting, not only because of the clear support for the EU, but because none of the respondents were undecided or refused to answer the question.

The poll suggests Austrians remain supportive of the EU by 74% to 26%. Supporters of the most Euro-sceptic party, the Far-Right FPÖ, split 52 to 48 against, while those backing the (I would suggest) more Euro-sceptic-lite Team Stronach are the most EU sceptic splitting 70% to 30%.


How the Parties in Austria split on the EU question

Pro-European Parties (to varying degrees): ÖVP (conservatives); SPÖ (Social Democrats); Greens (Left of Centre); NEOS (liberal/centrist); LIF (liberal); Austrian Pirate Party. Combined support in current polls – 66%

Europe-sceptic Parties (to varying degrees): FPÖ (Far-Right); BZO (Right Conservative); Team Stronach (Right of Centre). Combined support in current polls – 34%


2013-01-26 14.31.49

One of Austria’s newest parties NEOS would probably score amongst the most pro-European of the parties likely to be in the Austrian Parliament after this year’s General Election – . However, the Austrian Pirates might dispute that title as they are currently discussing a Euro-federalist position –


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