Big three consolidate position in Feb polls

The SPÖ, ÖVP, and FPÖ continue to maintain their respective shares of the vote with political press coverage dominated by the State elections in Lower Austria and Kärnten due to be held on the 3rd March 2013 – I suspect that the results in these elections may however cause some shift in the polls come next month.

In the meantime the small upward trajectory of the conservative ÖVP is matched by an equal poll decline for the Greens – as I’ve discussed before, possibly reflecting small shifts in centre-right liberal voters between the two Parties.

Despite the high level of press coverage for Team Stronach they remain below the 11% rating scored when the Party was formed in September 2012.

The story of the other party currently in the Austrian Federal parliament, the BZÖ, remains one of slow death. It will take a miracle for what’s left of the Party – following defections to Team Stronach – to reach the 4% needed to secure seats in parliament.

Current average based upon last five polls:

SPÖ: 26.6%, ÖVP: 24.4%, FPÖ 21.6%, Greens 12.4%, Team Stronach: 9.4%, BZÖ 2%, Others 3.6%

Percentage variation across last five polls:

SPÖ: 24%-28%, ÖVP: 23%-25%, FPÖ 21%-23%, Greens 11%-14%, Team Stronach: 8%-10%, BZÖ 1%-4%

Change since 1st January:

SPÖ: -0.4%, ÖVP: +1.6%, FPÖ +0.8%, Greens -1.6%, Team Stronach -1.2%, BZÖ +0.4%, Others +0.4%



Karmasin/profil 23-02-13
Gallup/oe24 23-02-13
IMAS/Krone 13-02-13
Karmasin/Heute 08-02-13
Gallup/oe24 03-02-13

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