Dust settles after State elections – Austrian polls round-up

The FPÖ (Far-Right) are just managing to keep their polls ratings out of the teens after the disasters of the State elections in Kärnten and Lower Austria. The movement in the polls is once more downwards and it would not be a surprise to see their ratings swinging between 17% and 21% in the coming weeks.

Team Stronach (TS) while still averaging below their initial launch result, back in September 2013, are now bouncing up to 13%. This upward movement may well be an indication that TS is about to make the much talked about inroads into the FPÖ share of the vote.

The ruling coalition, SPÖ (Social Democrats) and the ÖVP (conservatives), continue in first and second place respectively with enough support to secure a majority in the next parliament.

For the Austrian Greens (centre-left) the current crop of polls are in agreement 13% to 14%. They will be concerned that they have not managed to move their support above this level and that if the TS rise continues they may slip from fourth to fifth place in the polls. However, this weekend’s poll showing 16% support in Vienna (the second largest of Austria’s nine States) will cheer the Greens, as will the prospect of an advance in the coming State election in Salzburg where the Party is up 6.6% (to 14%) in a recent poll.

Current average based upon last five polls:

SPÖ: 27.4%, ÖVP: 24.0%, FPÖ 20.2%, Greens 13.4%, Team Stronach: 10.4%, BZÖ 2.2%, Others 2.4%

Percentage variation across last five polls:

SPÖ: 26%-28%, ÖVP: 22%-25%, FPÖ 20%-21%, Greens 13%-14%, Team Stronach: 9%-13%, BZÖ 2%-3%



Sources: Gallup/oe24 16-03-13
Karmasin/heute 15-03-13
Meinungsraum/NEWS 14-03-13
Market/Standard 11-03-13
Gallup/oe24 07-03-13


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