Austrian Red Wine – a few more recommendations

Some of my friends have introduced me to two more enjoyable wines in recent weeks. The first was a rather nice 2010 Merlot from the Winery of the Familie Hahn.

2013-03-16 17.57.50

The second introduction was also a 2010 but this time the Schüttenberg Zweigelt from Weingut Grassl whose vineyards are located in the Carnuntum area which is approximately halfway between Vienna and Bratislava.

2013-03-10 22.04.06

I’ll be looking to add these new friends to my wine rack next time I restock. Off course when it comes to buying my next batch of wines I’ll also be heading for another Winery in the Carnuntum area (it’s amongst my favourite in the whole country) that of Gerhard Pimpel .

If you do fancy taking a trip to the Carnuntum area it’s always a good plan to combine the wine with a little history of the area. In this case a visit to the archaeological reconstructions on the site of the Ancient Roman city of Carnuntum.

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