100 days to the Austrian General Election – Parties at the starting gate for main campaign

As the countdown to Election Day begins here are the current national average ratings for the Parties based upon last five polls:

SPÖ: 27.2%,  ÖVP: 24.8%,  FPÖ 18.0%,  Greens 15.2%,  Team Stronach: 9.2%,  BZÖ 1.6%,  Others 4.0%

It’s worth noting that the percentage variation across these five polls is very limited:

SPÖ: 27%-28%, ÖVP: 24%-25%, FPÖ 18%, Greens 14%-16%, Team Stronach: 8%-10%, BZÖ 1%-2%


SPÖ: Support back up to the same level as beginning of the year.

ÖVP: Up 2% points since January.

FPÖ: At lowest level of support in last three years and still declining. Down 2.8% since January and have dropped 8.6% points when compared to January 2012.

Greens: On the rise and they importantly have moved through the 15% mark – previously seen by many commentators as the ceiling for Green support.

Team Stronach: The Party has lost 1.4% support since January.

BZÖ: Unchanged since January and will fail to achieve the  4% needed to secure seats in the national parliament.

Voters: A third of electorate may stay at home come the election based on recent survey findings. This is particularly true of current FPÖ, Team Stronach, and BZÖ supporters, which could further deflate their vote shares.



Sources: Hajak/ATV 21-06-13
Karmazin/profil 15-06-13
Gallup/oe 14-06-13
Karmazin/Heute 31-05-13
Gallup/oe 30-05-13




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2 responses to “100 days to the Austrian General Election – Parties at the starting gate for main campaign

  1. kierig

    And from today’s Krone, with the BZÖ between 3-5%:

    Where are the NEOS that are supposed to change politics here?

  2. Kierig, seem my current blog post for the answer to both questions 🙂

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