Current mood music in Austrian politics

Today’s Gallup/Österreich poll has some interesting findings on who the electorate thinks is doing well at the current time. The survey puts the Greens on top with figures of Good 49%:15% Bad. Out of the six parties currently represented in parliament the three ‘Right’ parties are ranked 4th to 6th and all have negative net ratings: Team Stronach  Good 24%:34% Bad; FPÖ Good 20%:41% Bad; BZÖ Good 71%:4% Bad.

The negative mood music for the Far-Right/Populist parties fits with my predictions in yesterday’s political blog post.

The SPÖ will be pleasured that they are ahead of their Coalition partners in positive estimate Good 36%:36% Bad. However, the ÖVP will be noting that they are ahead of the SPÖ in the net ratings Good 34%:23% Bad.

General Election countdown: 98 days to go.





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