Votes for 16-17yr olds – good or bad idea?

A quick observation from a country (Austria) in which 16-17yr olds will be voting in next Sundays General Election.

I’ve just read this BBC story  on the latest debate in UK on voting age. It promoted me to comment on twitter:

2013-09-25 07.44.54

Now I’ve talked to a lot of Austrian votes over the last few months about politics and who they will vote for. In all honesty the only people (excluding Party activists and not even many of them) who have actually sat down and read the party programmes were a small group of 16-17yr olds. They hold their own rather well in debate against old voters I’ve been told 🙂

For more info on Austrian General Election: Parties, trends, predictions 



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2 responses to “Votes for 16-17yr olds – good or bad idea?

  1. … An old cynic would say, labour are targeting an easily influenced group …. 🙂

    • If so they would be making a mistake. Although some movement in younger voters from Right to Centre and Left this election, previously it was the Right that won more votes from this group.

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