Austria – General Election final results and first post election poll

The final result of the General Election was confirmed last Thursday with the addition of votes of those living abroad making only minor changes to the parties percentages and leaving the share of seats unchanged.


New parliament, share of seats with change shown in brackets:

SPÖ 52 (-4); ÖVP 47 (-5); FPÖ 40 (+8); Grüne 24 (+4); Team Stronach 11 (+6); NEOS 9 (+9)

(Note: BZO dropped out of the parliament after failing to reach the 4% threshold)

A parliamentary majority requires 92 of the 183 seats.


General Election 2013 result – share of the vote with change since 2008 election in brackets:

SPÖ 26.82% (-2.48%); ÖVP 23.99% (-2.01%); FPÖ 20.51% (+3.01%); Grüne 12.42% (+2.02%); Team Stronach 5.57% (n/a); NEOS 4.96% (n/a); BZÖ 3.53% (-7.17%); Others 2.2% (-3.9%)

First poll since the election, Gallup/oe24, was published last Friday and see NEOS and the SPÖ received a post election boost:

SPÖ 28% (+1.2%); ÖVP 23% (-1%); FPÖ 21% (+0.5%); Grüne 13% (+0.6%); NEOS 7% (+2%); Team Stronach 4% (-1.7); Others 4% (-1.6%)

(Note: Figures have been rounded up)


Quick guide to the Parties:

Neos: new Centrist Liberal party. They have a joint electoral platform with the Liberal Forum (LIF). Building party structure across the country, growing membership/supporters network, innovative in campaigning and public engagement. Strongest General Election results in Vienna and Vorarlberg.

SPÖ: Social Democrats – Broad left-centre party. National party structure with Vienna State as their traditional key stronghold.

ÖVP: conservative in the Christian Democrat mould. National party structure with strong rural base but increasingly weak in the Cities. Lower Austria State key stronghold.

FPÖ: Far-Right – Traditional beneficiary of the anti-establishment and populist vote. National structure but weak in most States. Former stronghold of Kärnten lost in State election and now only real stronghold in Vienna State.

Greens: Left-centre party. Traditionally weak national structure bolstered by recent election successes – now part of government in five States.  Vienna State remains most significant stronghold. Party in Vienna more Left in comparison to centrist leanings in other States.

Team Stronach: Populist-Right. New party still building its structures but well funded by its founder/leader, billionaire Austro-Canadian, Frank Stronach. Seems to be a very centralised party dependent upon leader who has to spend significant time in Canada to maintain residency status.

BZÖ:  ‘Moderate’ Far-Right or Right-Wing Conservatives or Right-Wing Liberals. Originally, a breakaway from the FPÖ lead by Haider, the party has failed to find an identity or purpose since his death. No strongholds.


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