Poor return on investment in EU2014 for Austria’s main parties

This piece in the Österreich newspaper caught my eye, 12.8m spent on the EU election.

2014-05-28 09.13.46

When you do the sums for each party it produces a rather depressing answer to the question ‘How important was the party war chest in securing the votes’.

2014-05-28 09.14.25

‘Money talks’ is not a new story. But for strategists, PR consultants and campaign managers, for all five of the main parties in Austria, the table below is stark evidence that their EU campaigns failed to outperform their opponents.

Result 14 €/1%
24.1 3307 137
27 3705 137
19.7 2707 137
14.5 1987 137
8.1 1116 138


So at party HQ’s in recent days has the message been recognised? Are campaign strategies being revisited and policies reviewed? Or are the various leaderships content to play politics of ‘high investment for low returns’ in which results rely of the war chest?

If Frank Stronach did one thing for Austrian politics at the last general election it was to demonstrate that actually ‘money won’t guarantee votes’, you need policies and a decent campaign. The upcoming State elections, in the next twelve months, will give the parties the chance try to break through the € barrier. The ‘return on investment’ in campaigning might just be worth it.


2014-05-25 09.39.21



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