Stay with me…..Voter retention, EP2014 Austria – election note 3

Voter analysis by the SORA Institute shows that the parties campaigns had limited impact in persuading 2009 non-voters to make the trip to the ballot box – 89% continued to stay at home.

The volatility of the FPÖ vote is highlight once again in the as they come bottom in the voter retention league table.

Main parties – retention of EP2009 voters in EP2014:


% of support retained

SPÖ – Social Democrats (Governing Coalition)


ÖVP – conservatives (Governing Coalition)


Grüne – centre-left


FPÖ – Far-Right Populist


2014-05-02 07.35.49

Note: NEOS (Liberal-Centrist) not included in table as the party was only formed in 2012.



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