Austrian Football Notes

Simply the best – once upon a time

Football in Austria developed a technical and tactical side before almost any other country in world, certainly in Europe. The coffee house culture of Vienna produced endless discussion and debate on the game which led to a kind of sophisticated coffee house football. Austria were also pioneers of professional football in continental European football and also a driving force in the Mitropa Cup, a tournament for the best clubs in Central Europe.

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 Austria’s 1930s “wonder team” is well-known to all football aficionados. The squad whose leading personality was the elusive striker Matthias Sindelar recorded a 16-match unbeaten run and was a bye-word for the technically advanced, creative and spectacular style of play that gave birth to the “Vienna school”. The “wonder team” was coached by the legendary Hugo Meisl.

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 When it all started

In Austria, first attempts to play with a leather ball – which was then far from being round – are recorded as far back as 1870. However the game was first popularised by British gardeners employed by the Rothschilds, who enjoyed a kick-around in their free time.
First Vienna and Cricket – Austria’s first football clubs – were founded in 1894. The ÖFB was formed in 1904, and joined FIFA a year later. Austria hosted the fifth FIFA Congress in Vienna in 1908.

Following the introduction of the eight-hour working day in 1919, football became the country’s favourite pastime and mass spectator sport. Austria quickly rose to become one of Europe’s leading football nations. From 1924 -1938, following the British example, there were two professional divisions. Professional football with a one-division league had kicked off in 1911.

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Austrian Leagues:

Austrian Bundesliga

Erste Liga

Regionaliga Mitte

Regionaliga Ost

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