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Cavaliers for style but Roundhead to the bone

It’s difficult even here in the Republic of Austria to avoid a certain wedding. I’ve managed, today, to disappoint some of my work colleagues who were getting excited by the activities of my homelands royals.

I walked in on an excited discussion about ‘the wedding’, which I was informed is tomorrow. There was some disappointment when I explained that I was a republican (British anti-royalist not to be confused with a American right wing type).

Many Austrians I meet seem to love the idea of the British Royals and are often somewhat disappointed when I don’t share their enthusiasm. One colleague today was far from happy when I made reference to Cromwell, the Roundheads and the chopping off of royal heads – but only as a historical moment you understand, I remain opposed to call forms of Capital Punishment :).

Found it a little sad today when I read a YouGov survey that said the number of Brits wanting to abolish the Monarchy had declined. Also that the Monarchy was one of those things that defined Britishness – now what was the royal families name before they changed it to Windsor and which part of Germany did they originate from?


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Probably the best pub in the (English) East Midlands – Thorold Arms

On the whole I really enjoy life in Vienna and don’t get ‘home sick’, unlike R & H which is strangely amusing as they are the Austrian half of the family. But one thing I do miss on occassion is the chance to go and have a pint at probably the best pub in the East Midlands:

If you are ever in the neighbourhood it’s worth a visit.

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