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Looks like a jungle

Well as someone said to me “they look like a bit of a jungle” but on the other hand we are benefiting from the boxes, I installed in the garden earlier this year, when it comes to fresh vegetables on the table. The real credit goes to R who actually does all the gardening):

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The humble urban backyard can help save the planet says RHS report

The good news, from a report commissioned by the Royal Horticultural Society, says that there
are four key areas in which gardens make a difference to our environment. The
bad news is that I now have even less excuse for not spending more time working
in the garden:

Adding a pond, as well as additional trees and bushes, has increased the resident and visiting wildlife population in our garden. Amongst those visiting are dragonfly of various sizes and colours:


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Animals and vegetables

Well the growing boxes are now all installed and R is busy finishing off the planting. The boxes are an idea we used back in England. There the issue was to make use of part of the garden that ran down the side of the house. Here the boxes provide a solution to the problems of growing in the very hot summer weather (without using excessive amounts of water) and quality of the soil in the garden.

I also managed today to finish off this year’s reshaping and maintenance of the garden pond. I’ve been building, expanding and reshaping the pond for about seven years now. Over that time the number and variety of birds, amphibians, insects and animals either resident or visiting the garden has significantly increased. About 80% of the material used has been recycled from
bits and pieces around the garden. A few of the original plants were bought whilst the rest were rescued from a forest pond before it was filled in as part of some road improvements, In addition to the wildlife benefits the pond provides an excellent place to relax and enjoy the garden.

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