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Top city in a great country….and don’t forget the wine – happy National Day

A UN study, reported here in Die, has ranked Vienna as the most prosperous city in the world. Just behind are the cities of New York, Toronto, and London. The study which considered productivity, quality of life, infrastructure and sustainability, placed seven European cities in the top ten.

Another study, here in der, highlights that a majority of Austrians are proud of their country. An interesting aspect of the survey is that supporters of the governing coalition (SPÖ – Social Democrats and ÖVP – conservatives) tend to be happier with the country than supports of the FPÖ (Far-Right) or Team Stronach (right of centre). Green Party supports tend to be more cautious of the whole ‘national pride’ concept.

I rather like the answers in the survey regarding which stereotypes and professions represent Austria. Top of the list is the countries winemakers.

I wish you all a happy Austria National Day from the world’s number 1 city, in a country of (mostly) happier citizens, deep within the EU & the Eurozone 🙂

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Safe places to live?

The UN Global Peace Index (2011) places Austria sixth out of 153 countries on its list of safe places to live. Below is a useful map of the assessment and a report from the Austrian Independent:

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